Fresh Faced

Something that I found surprising was that I got older, the more problematic my skin became. I really took for granted my clear skin and chubby cheeks of my teenage years. Of course, I had the occasional skin troubles but nothing long lasting or severe.

Lately, my skin has been changing. My skin routine was basic (errr… if you could call it a “routine”). All I used to need was my trusty face wash (I loved Origins Checks and Balances, really good for all skin types, including combination skin).

Now, my skin is in some serious need of a little TLC. I decided to try Soko Glam’s 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine, for combination skin.

skin care

Soko Glam has 3 different sets for different skin types: dry, combo, and oily. While I was shopping, oily was sold out so I opted for combination. I was lucky and they were offering a discount of 10% off… I just checked there site on 10/8/2016 and it appears they are not featuring this promotion anymore 😦

I have been dying to try the 10 step routine but was overwhelmed by how many products available and how unfamiliar I am with Korean make up companies and products. My favorite thing about purchasing from Soko Glam, they pretty much eliminated the guesswork on my end. Next week, I will write a review on the products. At that time, I will have used the products for 2 weeks and hope to see some improvement!

But… what is the 10 step routine?

The 10 step routine was exported from South Korea. In South Korea, skincare and maintenance is an absolute must. They even publish articles in magazines on how to properly massage your face when applying moisturizer. They’re obsessed with skincare.

You don’t have to do all 10 steps, I mostly do 8-9 of the steps at nighttime, and in the mornings, I have less time to get ready so it depends. Read about the 10 steps here.

I’ve summarized the steps below –

  1. Oil based cleanser – to remove makeup
  2. Water based cleanser – to remove any excess dirt, oil, and make up
  3. Exfoliation – to remove dead skin cells and to brighten
  4. Toner – balance skin pH levels
  5. Essence – a fusion of moisturizer and toner
  6. Serums – specifically to address any skin problems
  7. Sheet masks – 1x a week
  8. Eye cream – just tap it on!
  9. Moisturizer
  10. Sunscreen


Note: I have not received any compensation or product for this post.


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