Fresh Faced

Something that I found surprising was that I got older, the more problematic my skin became. I really took for granted my clear skin and chubby cheeks of my teenage years. Of course, I had the occasional skin troubles but nothing long lasting or severe.

Lately, my skin has been changing. My skin routine was basic (errr… if you could call it a “routine”). All I used to need was my trusty face wash (I loved Origins Checks and Balances, really good for all skin types, including combination skin).

Now, my skin is in some serious need of a little TLC. I decided to try Soko Glam’s 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine, for combination skin.

skin care

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Fringe is for Lovers

I decided to name my blog based on one of my long standing obsession – fringe.

Fringe is a beautiful homage to a better time, when fashion was more free spirited. I am in a fashion heaven, enamored with most of the current fashion trends that are coming full circle… trends that were popular in the 1970s as well as the grunge scene in the 1990s are making a return.

Realistically, this blog won’t be only dedicated to fringe, but it would be dedicated to things I love including fringe. Things that remind me of fringe and remind me of that free boheme style.

On a more personal note, I’m engaged and soon to be married and I cannot believe how beautiful the new Rue de Seine collection is! I was eyeing a fringe wedding dress and at one point was considering it…

Here are two of my favorite from their Love Spell collection…


The Morrison gown is described to be festival inspired and made of a silk kaftan.


The Dakota gown features a more fitted silhouette and has both lace and draped fringe.

Both dresses are beautiful but make sure to check out Rue de Seine to see more of their daring and unforgettable designs!